The iMERMAID project kicks off in Burgos, Spain

What is the iMERMAID project?

Pollution in the Mediterranean basin is a tremendous threat to ecosystems and, behind them, the many sea-related economic activities of the large population that relies on it. Part of this pollution is manifested in the worrying presence of contaminants for emerging concerns (CoEC) of which the effects are still being explored. 

Starting in June, iMERMAID (101112824) is a Horizon Europe project with the aim of coordinating and synergizing innovation to implement solutions to tackle these contaminants. 

The project responds to a set of requirements and orientations set out in the 2020 EU Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability Towards a Toxic-Free Environment and will build a multidimensional framework to reduce the usage and emission of contaminants for emerging concerns (CoEC) in water. 

With an overarching goal of drastically reducing pollution and contamination in the Mediterranean’s seawater, iMERMAID is set to assemble an array of partners and stakeholders who will work on the multifaceted challenge through a multidisciplinary methodology.

Kick-off of iMERMAID in Burgos, Spain

The iMERMAID project kick-off meeting took place in Burgos Spain early June.
Representatives of 26 partners, including SMEs, academia, and industry were present in order to discuss the project. Special emphasis was made on the coordination of the project.

The kick-off meeting was also an opportunity for Privanova to explain its tasks in regard to the Data Management Plan and the Ethics compliance, and the expected efforts from partners in this sense. 

Privanova’s role in iMERMAID 

Drawing on Privanova’s knowledge and experience in ensuring ethics compliance and data management, our role in IMermaid will mainly cover T7.3 Ethics Compliance Management and Ethics Advisory Board at the occasion of which Privanova will appoint an Ethics Advisory Board (EAB) composed of three external advisors and three internal partners The internal partners. The EAB will be tasked with the overall support of the consortium, which entails reviewing deliverables and monitoring the project's progress via regular meetings.

Privanova will also lead T7.4 « Data Protection Compliance and Data Management Plan » through which it will establish the Data Management Plan based on the input of partners. The DMP will give an overview of the usage of the data throughout the lifespan of the project. The DMP will give insights regarding the application of FAIR Data principles; Personal Data Processing as well as risks related to the processing of personal data.