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Interdisciplinary research at the intersection of privacy, ethics, law enforcement and societal issues.

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EU Funding

EU funding management services: consortium building, proposal drafting, budgeting and more.

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Privacy compliance and risk management services with particular focus on GDPR.

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High-quality, informative business insights, position papers and guidance.

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What We Do

Privanova is the leading provider of Privacy Compliance and Risk Management Solutions, with a particular focus on the GDPR.

We offer full range of services around addressing your privacy, data protection and information security needs.

We provide our clients with the quality compliance solutions, designed to help them solve critical issues in their data processing activities.


Risks of Non-Compliance

Infringement on GDPR carries fines of up to €20M or up to 4% of global annual turnover, whichever is greater. These fines can easily bankrupt a business.

It is essential not to ignore the GDPR requirements, and to constantly demonstrate compliance and accountability.

20 000 000

Up to twenty

Million euros

4 percent

Global annual



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Of reputation

And business


EU Projects

Initiating and participating in EU-funded, interdisciplinary research projects is one of our core activities. We are experienced in winning grants and managing the whole EU project life-cycle: from concept development and consortium building, over proposal writing and evaluation to the management of ongoing grants.

We can help you select, draft and submit a winning proposal or join your consortium as a reliable partner.

EU Projects

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