CONVERT Kick-off Meeting in Nicosia, Cyprus

What is CONVERT?

CONVERT is a dynamic project funded under the Erasmus+ Programme, aimed at addressing the urgent need for digital skills in the European labor market. This initiative is specifically designed to reskill recent non-ICT graduates and upskill junior employees by providing short-term training modules that are flexible, certified, and aligned with current industry demands. CONVERT focuses on enhancing skills in areas such as data analytics, AI, IoT, web development, cybersecurity, and data privacy, preparing participants for the rapid digital transformations taking place across sectors.

About the Kick-Off Meeting in Nicosia, Cyprus

The kick-off meeting for the CONVERT project took place on January 24 and 25, 2024, in Nicosia, Cyprus, at the European University Cyprus. This significant event marked the official start of the project and provided a platform for ten partner organizations from five different European countries to come together, align their visions, and set strategic goals.

During this two-day event, the partners engaged in comprehensive discussions about the project’s objectives, the expected outcomes, and the methodologies to be employed. These discussions were crucial for setting the tone and direction of the project. 

The meeting included workshops on the development of the training modules and the criteria for the European micro-credentials that would be offered to participants. These credentials are designed to be recognized across the European Union, enhancing the employability and mobility of the learners. The group also established a knowledge committee to facilitate the ongoing exchange of information and best practices among the partners.

In addition to setting the project milestones and timelines, the partners planned for future activities, including networking events, additional partner meetings, and the next project meeting scheduled to be held in Paris. This initial meeting not only laid the groundwork for the project but also strengthened the partnership, fostering a collaborative atmosphere that is essential for the success of the CONVERT project.

What is Privanova's Role in the CONVERT Project?

Privanova, a key partner in the CONVERT consortium, plays a critical role in ensuring the ethical handling and protection of data throughout the project. The organization is responsible for developing and managing a comprehensive Data Protection Compliance and Data Management Plan. This plan outlines methodologies for ethically compliant data management, ensuring that all project activities adhere to GDPR regulations and other relevant standards. Privanova's expertise ensures that data collection, processing, and retention within CONVERT are conducted securely and responsibly.

CONVERT represents a strategic initiative in response to the digital skill shortages exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Through its collaborative efforts across various European institutions and industry experts, CONVERT aims to equip the current workforce with the necessary digital competencies to thrive in an increasingly digital world.