iMermaid: Third Consortium Meeting in Finland


We were happy to begin the iMERMAID EU Consortium Meeting in the spectacular VTT venue in Espoo, Finland. With our project well underway, we had the opportunity to present the most recent updates and developments with all of our partners.

Day 1: Consortium Meeting in Espoo, Finland

The first day of the consortium meeting, which was organized by VTT, was devoted to conducting an extensive workshop on chemical contamination in the Mediterranean Sea and investigating different use case scenarios. The lively and enlightening conversations laid a solid basis for our cooperative endeavors.

Day 2: Progress Review and Action Plan

On the second day, we went over the work that had been done up to that point and discussed the future steps for each work package (WP). Every task leader gave a presentation on their work, including our contributions. We had the chance to outline our roles and the progress we've made, emphasizing the Data Management Plan and the Ethics Advisory Board. In order to ensure that all of our partners are on the same page going forward and to synchronize our strategies, this discussion was essential.

We explained that our Ethics Advisory Services for the projects provide all-inclusive assistance in accomplishing the goals of ethics compliance at every phase of the project, including ethics checks and reviews, grant agreement preparation, and proposal writing.

Strengthening Collaboration and Moving Forward

All the partners had a fantastic chance to deepen their collaboration through meetings and networking sessions, as well as to discuss foundational work on our use case solutions throughout the meeting. Partners discussed their perspectives, assessed each other's work, and came up with plans for efficient progress. As we battled pollution and chemical contamination in the Mediterranean Sea, all hands were on deck.

By combining our various areas of expertise and special resources, we are making great progress toward the project's goals. Our combined efforts have created synergy, which is paving the road for new ideas and meaningful results.