Privanova – INTERPOL Cybercrime Knowledge Exchange Member

We are proud to announce that as of October 2021, Privanova has the access to INTERPOL’s Cybercrime Knowledge Exchange (CKE).

As part of the wider effort to curb cybercrime, the INTERPOL’s Cybercrime Knowledge Exchange represents a secured digital environment facilitating continuous communication and intelligence exchange between police forces and other stakeholders on global cybercrime-related issues.

About INTERPOL Cybercrime Knowledge Exchange

The INTERPOL Cybercrime Knowledge Exchange platform is a component of INTEPROL’s Cybercrime Collaboration Services and is positioned as one of the key elements of the organisation’s Global Cybercrime Strategy.

This dynamic database serves also as a secured collaboration channel empowering stakeholders around the world to discuss the latest cybercrime trends, prevention strategies, detection technologies and investigation techniques with authorized colleagues globally.

The inclusion of different non-operational stakeholders in the information exchange is crucial for the CKE’s success. Cybercrime investigations are very specific. Due to the fact that cybercrimes often involve numerous victims across different jurisdictions with the evidence being held by the operators of the Internet infrastructure – which are in most cases privately held companies – cybercrime investigations require multi-stakeholder cooperation. For this reason, INTERPOL grants access to its infrastructure to a selected number of relevant private entities such as Privanova which bring added value to the police forces of its 194 Member Countries.

Importance of INTERPOL Cybercrime Knowledge Exchange for Privanova

Committed to fighting cybercrime by taking part in cutting-edge research projects of interest to the global law enforcement community, we are very pleased with the unique possibility to share our expertise on cybercrime with LEAs, governments, international organizations and cybersecurity industry experts.


The access to the CKE affirms Privanova’s role as a stakeholder in fighting cybercrime through information sharing and analysis, efforts towards harmonisation and interoperability, development of tools and methods aiming to speed up the identification of cybercrime and criminals and support the e-evidence management processes.

Farhan Sahito, Privanova’s General Director and former INTERPOL professional


INTERPOL Cybercrime Knowledge Exchange and the EU-funded research

Privanova’s access to the INTERPOL Cybercrime Knowledge Exchange brings tangible benefits not only for our growing portfolio of services, but also for the EU-funded research projects where we take part.

Going beyond the possibility to use the INTERPOL CKE as a communication channel between the project partners and the LEAs globally, we plan to engage the other CKE members in a much more interactive way. Our intention is to create a two-way, mutually beneficial collaboration where CKE stakeholders receive information about our research results but also have the possibility to directly contribute to research activities. This can be done by including them as end-users and experts in all phases of the research – from requirements identification and analysis, via technology development to its validation and piloting phase.

Privanova’s ongoing projects of interest to law enforcement such as CC-DRIVER or TRACE can benefit from our involvement in the INTERPOL Cybercrime Knowledge Exchange network. It is our plan to exploit our membership for the benefit of all other projects where we take part.