Privanova’s dissemination partner: Crowdhelix

Privanova’s dissemination approach

When project outcomes are transformed into concrete benefits for society, they maximise the scientific, social, economic, technological and policy value of the project and, in turn, further contribute to making Europe a global reference in Research and Innovation. To achieve this transformation, Privanova’s dissemination activities must rely on the successful planning and careful delivery to relevant stakeholders. Dissemination and exploitation activities are critical for knowledge circulation, consolidation of the European Research Area and demonstration of the added value a project created with the help of EU funding.

From an SME point of view, successful dissemination and exploitation activities can also pave the way to various tangible benefits:

  • Positively influencing societal goals;
  • Providing the opportunity for international and interdisciplinary collaboration;
  • Opening up new sources of income due to the exploitation of the results;
  • Drawing in new talent to join your teams;
  • Improving the accessibility of other funding prospects;
  • In the case of policy impact, improving current and/or help shaping future legislation.

Crowdhelix platform

Crowdhelix was created to facilitate open innovation through creating links between a network of excellent international researchers and innovating companies. This allows the network to plan and deliver pioneering collaborative projects. Any organisation irrespective of size and location around the world may apply, all that matters is a demonstration of strategic commitment to collaborating through research and innovation.

As per website, the network currently has 475 member organisations from 51 countries as well as an impressive number of collaborators – 6741. Besides, the network currently hosts 34 active Helixes, which are international communities of researchers and innovators collaborating on a particular topic. The users can profile themselves, their teams, and their organisations, and post opportunities to collaborate. An intelligent recommender system then matches these opportunities with the most suitable prospective collaborators, using natural language processing and machine-learning.

Privanova’s Parthership with Crowdhelix

Besides obvious benefits the Crowdhelix platform brings in terms of effective communication, dissemination and exploitation of project results, the company behind it creates tangible added value through networking: bringing together a group of top-notch research institutions and innovating companies from all the corners of the world. This concentration of both subject-matter expertise and experience in winning EU-funded research facilitates consortium building and planning and delivery of pioneering Horizon Europe projects. This aspect is very important to us as we can extend the Privanova’s Network of project partners with high-quality organisations.

Based on mutually beneficial, collaborative model, Privanova works with Crowdhelix on both tracks. We take part in consortia initiated by Crowdhelix or its other members. We also invite Crowdhelix on some of our project where there’s the need for a reliable dissemination partner. Finally, we also use this platform to disseminate the results from our already ongoing projects delivering greater impact and reaching much wider scientific community working on similar projects.

In doing so, Privanonva is able to move faster from the innovation phase to benefit delivery and exploitation. We also share and disseminate our Key Exploitable Results with potential users and promote them vis-à-vis our targeted audiences: stakeholders, policy makers, law enforcement representatives etc.

Contribution to Standardisation

The European standardisation bodies codify the technology requirements and inform both manufacturers and consumers on what to expect.

Being engaged in standardisation activities across several of our EU-funded projects, we also use Crowdhwlix as part of our efforts to promote standardisation and ensure wider use of our project results.

Some of Privanova’s ongoing projects where standardisation is relevant include: MARVEL, CC-DRIVER and IoT NGIN.