Proposal Management as a Service

In order to ensure European excellence in Research and Innovation, the European Commission offers a variety of funding mechanisms, such as many components of the current Horizon Europe program. To access this funding, projects must demonstrate excellence and sufficiently address technological and societal challenges.

Expertise in managing proposals

With a portfolio of 12 EU-funded projects, Privanova's efforts have been recognised by numerous evaluation processes as an added value to the European R&I landscape. On top of these projects where Privanova is a beneficiary, we have accompanied an array of entities towards funding.    

Organisational aspects of drafting can be burdensome and need specialised personnel. In this sense, Privanova puts to work its know-how in order to ensure that organisational aspects of proposal preparation are sufficiently covered.

Our methodology

In order to ensure that the proposal gets selected for funding, the consortium needs to reflect excellence, interdisciplinary and complementarity. In this sense, Privanova’s proposal management team intervenes in order to guarantee that key actors are onboarded. Therefore, gaps are pinpointed, and, with scientific partners, we identify pertinent entities to be onboarded. This process results in strong consortia that showcase an ability to carry out the proposed tasks and deliver results that go beyond the state-of-the-art.

During the drafting phase, Privanova ensures that communication channels permit a continuous interchange of ideas in order to conceptualise a harmonious proposal. This strongly mitigates the risks of producing an incoherent proposal that would be discarded. This continuous communication is ensured by regular, straight-to-the-point meetings to align and harmonise partners’ inputs.

The aspects related to work package and task distribution are also followed up closely by Privanova in order to showcase a high level of engagement by all partners in the lifecycle of the eventually funded project. Privanova’s team proceeds to a continuous evaluation of the proposal at all its stages in order to render it as aligned as possible with the call published by the funding entity. 

Form is of utmost importance in EU-funded projects, as it can be an important differentiation point between proposals. In this sense, Privanova also provides templates of successful sections in the aim of learning from previous comments and reviews. Privanova also provides graphics presenting an overview of the proposal’s scope and methodology, thus reinforcing the explainability of the proposal to non-specialised readers and reviewers. 

Entities willing to solicit Privanova’s proposal management services are invited to get in contact with us via our contact page