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Privanova's EIC Accelerator proposal management and drafting services are designed to provide innovative SMEs developpinga a potentially disruptive product, service or a business models with expert coaching, guidance and support during the submission procedure. Our experienced team will help you understand the evaluation criteria (excellence, impact, and implementation) and ensure that your application meets the necessary requirements.

We will help you communicate your ideas in a clear, precise way, ensuring that the language, figures, and visuals are consistent across all submitted documents, slides and videos. We will also help you highlight your strong points and competitive advantages and makesure that your application is well-aligned with the EU policies and that you aim to deliver disruptive, innovative, scalable outcomes addressing big problems at the EU and global levels.

 Testimonial: "Imperatoriam maiestatem non solum armis decoratam, sed etiam legibus esse armatam."

John DOE, EU Projects Manager, XYZ University London, UK

Roles & Process

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    The first step in our collaboration on your EIC grant will be to determine the nature of your product, service or a business plan and position it to match the call eligibility criteria. This means that it will have to show its innovative character with high-impact ability to create new or disrupt the existing markets in Europe or worldwide. 

    This is a critical step in your application process as the EIC Accelerator has put in place a platform through which funding can be applied for. Through it, the applicant submits a pitch and fills in a questionnaire about the company and the challenge it wants to tackle. The EIC then decides to allow or not the applicant to submit a full application. Together, we will make sure that your project meets the EIC requirements.

    Here's an overview of the EIC Accelerator and its importance for your start-up

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    Following a successful pre-submission check, we will assist you in drafting a short proposal, which will be evaluated by a team of independent experts working with the EIC.Short proposals may be submitted at any time and will be evaluated remotely, but we will assist you in timing your proposal to provide you sufficient time for the Stage 2 application. 

    At this stage, our expeerts will assist you draft a well-described, convincing prooposal which will covere all evaluation criteria (excellence, impact, and implementation). Our goal will be to make sure that the team of independent evaluators is convinced that your innovative project meets the criteria of excellence, corresponds to appropriate Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) and has a disruptive potential on the EU market.

    If at least two evaluators greenlight your proposal, the next step will be the submission of a full proposal (Stage 2). 

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    Following a successful evaluation at the Stage 1 (this usually takes up to four weeks), you will be inviteed to submit a full proposal. Unlike the first stage submissions, Stage 2 submissions are organised into several periodic cut-off dates. 

    At this stage, we will assist you with proposal drafting and preparation. Our aim will be to develop the content of the Stage 1 proposal and to meet the specific requirements of the EIC granting process. In particular, we will assist you in addressing the evaluators' focus areas: 1) Excellence (novel nature of your product, service or a busineess plan and its scientific or technological capacity); 2) Impact (potential role your output will play on the EU or global markets, its disruptive nature and potential benefits for the environment, society and economy); 3) Implementation (the way your project will be managed, legal, organisational and financial aspects of its implementation, its go-to-market and commercialisation strategy etc).

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